We are a small company in Sweden, which manufactures sports mats. We work closely with gymnastics clubs around the world.

For a long time we were wondering how we can use inflatable products in these contexts. It is quite common for gymnastics clubs that they must share their space and they have small storage space.

We focused our minds on tumbling floor. It is an excellent tool for tumbling. These equipment are often both very expensive and very heavy.

We tried different materials, to produce the best product as possible. High quality - is important.It would reach a certain thickness and give the right bounce at tumbling. This testing of materials took almost a year, before we had a finished product - ready to face the world.

All our products must be user friendly. Therefore, we produced a trolley with handles and a drawstring. This trolley is designed as a cradle, so that one can easily roll up the aifloor on it. The airfloor and pump will easily be locked on the trolley by needle felt and Velcro.

We have sold over 250 airfloors in short time (to 22 different countries so far) and all 320 buyers are satisfied with their investment. It's always fun to show off the airfloor in different occations, because it only takes a few seconds, before the floor is full of happy tumblers.

In cheerleading, we see a great need, since this is an excellent training tool - when you want to get nice flips. We have also expanded our range of air4tumble with some more products such as a cylinder for making flic flacs and inflatable incline.